Take back our right to vote on height & affordable housing BEFORE our town is upzoned!

We are Santa Cruz community members of all ages and backgrounds who are concerned about the runaway development and the multiple, unaffordable, massive, 12-story towers that the City plans to build WITHOUT community input and NOT ENOUGH affordable housing. This mega-development will impact the entire county!

This initiative has TWO GOALS:
1.) increase the affordable housing ratio to 25% in the City of Santa Cruz, as the City Planning Commission has vetted and recommended. We strive to maintain our diversity by increasing available low-income housing, so family members, low and moderate wage earners, youth and elders can continue to live here. This initiative will increase affordable housing to 25% in all new development with over 30 units.

2.) direct democracy:  grant citizens a vote & the right to choose if they want very tall buildings that exceed the current height limits. We value thoughtful, environmentally-sensitive city design.

To read the initiative language go to the Frequently Asked Questions or FAQ page
then click on the Housing For People Initiative.