20 Jun

A:   No, under existing zoning, the City has identified plenty of space for housing, a capacity of 8,364 units of space -which is more than DOUBLE the housing goal of 3,736 units that the State requires Santa Cruz to build by 2031 (See table below). Therefore we do not need to build tall, enormous towers to meet the State requirements.  This information is from the draft City of Santa Cruz Housing Element 2023 to 2031 (March 2023, page 280)   This number does not take into account California's recent unprecedented population decline, (to see article click here.)

  • Many cities are not reaching these State requirements arguing that these Regional Housing Needs and Allocation (RHNA “Reena”) housing goals are not accurate and over-inflated.  For example, the State required 5 TIMES MORE UNITS compared to the last cycle, increasing from 749 to 3736, which is a huge jump.  Some cities are even suing the State over the RHNA numbers and creating legislation to fight developers for local control.**

This initiative requires a vote for height increases over the existing allowed and increases the affordability rate.  It will increase the number of units for very low, low and moderate incomes by adopting the City Planning Commission’s recommendation that increases the inclusionary (affordable) housing in all new development over 30 units to at least 25%.

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